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Types of flooring

Coving- is hand trowelled to create a seamless impervious continuous surface between the floor and wall or vertical surface. It is often used where hygiene and ease of maintenance is important such as hospitals, food preparation areas, schools and commercial buildings.
Flake Systems- can radically improve the entire look of any space. It is ideal for many floors including public areas, factories, laboratories, warehouses and any other floor that requires a clean and highly durable surface. 
Diamond Grinding- is the ideal surface preparation used before the application of any coatings, to give a better bond resulting in a smoother finish.
Epoxy & polyurethane coatings-
are ideal for protecting your floor against stains, damage, chemicals, oil, wear and tear. The tough protective coating with excellent hardness makes floors long lasting and easy to clean.
Expansion Joints- are designed to safely absorb the movement of construction materials using a joint compound that makes the joint flexible. This allows it to withstand stresses caused by movement and temperature change.
Line Marking- plays an important role in safety. They are used to mark all kinds of areas including walkways, areas of activity for vehicles, and other hazardous spaces. This allows everybody to know where they can walk safely and where extra caution is necessary.
PU Screeds- are a rapid hardening self leveling screed intended for use as a surface layer on industrial flooring. This is an extremely effective option for a completed floor within a limited time frame.
Safety anti-slip walk ways & flooring-
is designed to prevent sliding on a floor where a slip risk exists. It works by incorporating aggregates into the resin establishing a uniform surface profile that is textured to increase the slip resistance. This is then sealed to allow for easy cleaning and to prevent a rough abrasive surface being present.
Self leveling- is a thicker compound used to fill in and disguise imperfections in the floor. This is ideal for that perfect seamless finish that is also very durable and hard wearing.
Resin Bound Stoneis formed by mixing a choice of aggregates together with specialist resin. This mix is then hand troweled to give a smooth flat surface that is hard wearing yet flexible and crack resistant
Rubber Crumb - is a premier impact absorbing surface and a surface that can be used all year round. The seamless finish of the surface ensures that it is trip free, making it wheelchair friendly and suitable for children.
Decorative Flooring - is our new range of glitter bound resin system to add a little sparkle to your home or work space or even craft area! it is scattered and coated in a high gloss to give the ultimate dazzling finish!
RAL Colours - This is the range of colours we can provide for your floor

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